Being a woman is HARD! With the stereotypical norm of the photoshopped bodies in ads, it’s hard to stay positive and confident about our own bodies. It doesn’t matter what shape or size we are; there’s always something about ourselves we feel badly about.

I’m here to change that. You don’t have to be a size 2 to feel GOOD about the skin your in. You just need good, positive babes around you who build you up, make you feel amazing, and encourage you through whatever season in life you’re in! With training in posing for every body type, I’ll take care of you in this photographic journey.

Sessions start at $100


Sessions start at an hour with the option for outfit changes if desired. These can be anywhere from extremely conservative to full on nudes. The decision is up to you, and so is choosing the level of privacy you receive with your images.

Whether you’re photographing for a significant other, or simply for yourself, you’re going to be pampered! I have a great team that I call upon to fix you up with hair and makeup services, all done in the comfort of my home. The Boudoir room is in my home as well, and 100% private, so the only people part of your session are you and me!

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Kind Words

“Let me start by saying that I’m as awkward as they come in front of the camera. So the idea of a boudoir session was daunting and something I’d put off for years. In a confident and spontaneous moment I booked in with Em. She made the whole process from start to finish totally comfortable and even made me feel confident in front of the camera. Her package is well thought out and the guide she sent prior to the session gave great guidance and helped me know just what to expect. Em is a pro at posing and gave me great feedback throughout the session to help me look my best. She’s 100% professional and really easy to be around so the session was actually pretty fun. I’m so happy with the images that Em produced, they are classy and flattering. Em doesn’t photoshop your curves away, and I’m glad. She artfully poses you and works her magic behind the lens to bring out authentic beauty. If she would have asked me prior to the session if I wanted those tweaks I would have said yes. But she didn’t - because that’s not how she rolls. I’m grateful for that, because through her images I’ve been able to see that I am beautiful just as I am, today. If you’re waiting until you lose that weight, or gain that muscle, or have that tan to do a boudoir session... don’t wait. All those things are unnecessary. You’re already beautiful, just as you are, let Em show you.” - H.


”I was so nervous and excited when I booked my boudoir session with Em. I have 3 children and with all my body changes my confidence fluctuates so i was questioning all my flaws. She was so amazing at directing me and encouraging me to really get into the poses. After the first couple poses my nervousness wore off and we were laughing and I felt confident in her boudoir abilities. Want to feel beautiful in your skin? This is your girl! Thanks Em for everything!”

20180311 - 20180311 - IMG_3487 - Dawn-Boudoir - Boudoir.jpg


“I was very nervous going into my photoshoot. I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but never felt comfortable enough with my body. Em was great. She helped me pose and made me very, very comfortable. I would definitely book another shoot with Em. I loved that she offers her clients the option to have professionals come in and do hair and makeup, one less thing to worry about doing before your shoot. Loved the experience that I had.”

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”Loved it! I had so much fun and felt so comfortable! I was so nervous but she was amazing and made me feel so confident during our session! I got my photos fast and loved everyone of them and she was able to get me super fast too! Definitely can't wait to do more with you! Thanks a million!”

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”It was a real pleasure to work together! Em made me feel very comfortable and really helped to enjoy the process of taking photos! I got amazing pictures on which I look like a queen! Highly recommend!”